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Cunius School of Martial Arts has done amazing things for our son. First and foremost Mr. Cunius has given our son Cj a solid martial arts foundation. Not only has his focus and dedication he learned in class helped with his martial arts but has transcended into so many other aspects of his day to day life. Cj has shown so much more confidence and dedication to his commitments. James is such a great teacher/mentor to our child and has become a friend to our family. James has given Cj the tools he needed to protect himself from all types of dangerous situations, but at the same time has taught him to handle confrontation with his words and to only use martial arts when absolutely necessary! Myself and my wife are so greatfull that we have found someone that is so kind hearted and patient to help teach are son not only martial arts but life lesson as well. Thank you James for all your time and support you have given our family!!! Looking forward to many more years of kicking butt, lol!!


Rob& Diana Schubert

Speaking as a parent, Master James Cunius, is one of those special people that you feel blessed to have touched your family. It was very quickly apparent that he truly cares about you and yours, and will forever. We have known James over 18 years now and with his unfailing patience and good nature he managed to inspire my 2 sons, John and David to reach Black Belt 1st Dan and my daughter Sarah to go on to Black Belt 2nd Dan. I sat for my childrens' lessons so I got to see James work his magic year after year. In fourth grade my son David was diagnosed with ADD. I know that martial arts afforded him the concentration boost that he needed. James made learning fun and kept the kids interested in a sport that offered mega mental and physical benefits. Today, the boys rock climb and ice climb and they are Drexel University students. John will soon graduate with his PhD in structural and civil engineering and David is in the chemical engineering program. These boys can concentrate! Sarah graduated Penn State main campus in 3 years and is working in finance. That's determination! Mr. Cunius helped mold my childrens' positive attitude toward life early on by building their self- confidence and self-discipline. He reaffirmed the respect that my husband and I taught at home, for themselves and for others. I am so happy that Mr. Cunius now has his own martial arts school. He well deserves it! James' love for all people, especially children, and his passion for the martial arts have finally put him in perfect balance. Anyone that walks through his doors will be enlightened. With much love and admiration. 

Donna DeVitis 

Drexel Hill, PA

My two sons have had the pleasure of learning karate under Master Cunius for the last three years.  To put it in their words "he is so awesome".  The best thing about him is that I felt so confident in not only his skills in karate but also in his incredible way of teaching it to my kids so effectively.  My kids learned so much from Master Cunius and had so much fun along the way.

Jen Gallagher

Master Cunius is a great a martial artist and a talented teacher. I have known Master Cunius over twenty years; he has always been the same; a smooth, karate perfectionist, technician and warrior. Master Cunius put the A in Martial Arts; his forms, his fighting technique and his understanding of art of self-defense are exceptional.  Master Cunius was one of my first Karate teachers and the things he taught me over the years still ring true today; discipline, respect and courage are the foundations to the martial arts and to life.  To those of you who chose Master Cunius as a teacher, you will learn things that you will use the rest of your life. 


Dr. Carter J. Cloyd


"I have known James Cunius as Martial Artist for twenty years he is an excellent instructor and even a better person.  When I began training in the Martial Arts James was there to help me, his enthusiasm, instruction and support kept me coming back.  I used to watch in amazement his ability to capture the attention over twenty children at the same time and teach them karate.  If you are looking to learn Tang Soo Do,you could not find a better Martial Artist!

.. James Marcus

Thank you Master Cunius for all your hard work and dedication while training our daughter, Ava. We have seen a significant increase in her confidence, along with strength and coordination. We feel very fortunate to have you as a positive influence and role model in our daughter's life.
Fred & Lori Melchior